Final Update

The biggest challenge for me on this project was getting my display to work. The yun has different hardware SPI pins than most arduino boards and it took me about six hours too long to figure that out. The next challenge was actually communicating with the web. My original plans to use the on the snow API didnt work out because they wouldnt return my calls or emails. My next thought was to use the Weather Underground api which returned a json file containing a bunch of good snow info, but after alot of work trying to get my yun to parse it, i had to give up on that as well. Finally with time running out i decided to just go back to temboo. Unfortunately the yahoo weather choreo didnt contain any snowfall info, but i figured that this would at least illustrate the idea that i was trying to get across. Although what i finished with was not by any means a finished prototype, i learned a ton and i was really proud that i was able to get something working.


Progress Update for Week 9

So now that I have finally decided on a project idea, I was able to order the majority of my components over the weekend. Thanks to amazon prime they will get here before the end of the week and I can start getting a feel for what the finished product will be like. Ive ordered a tiny little lcd screen with an SPI interface that I will use to display the mountain name. I also got all the supplies that I will need to make a little wind tunnel filled with snow. The main component will be a PWM controlled computer fan whose intensity will correspond to the amount of new snow in the mountains. I also got some plexiglass sheeting and fake snow to build and populate the actual wind tunnel.
I may still get either an led array or el sheet/wire to give the project some extra pop, but I am still on the fence about that one. And lastly I am still thinking of possibly 3d printing a housing; Im gonna try and get on the list today in class.

links to components that i purchased:

Progress Update for Week 8

So unfortunately after some more research and some cautionary words from Chris, I have decided to scrap my music detector idea. It would have been more work than I really have the time or energy for so I have decided to go with the Snow alarm. I plan on using an rss feed from to get regular updates about the ski conditions in my area and then the alarm will alert me and provide some kind of visualization describing the amount of snow and whether it is fresh or not. I was thinking of having some sort of realistic snow visualization, like a fan under some fake snow or a mound of snow that extends upwards in accordance to depth.

At this point I know that I am going to need some kind of display, possible an led array or lcd screen. I will also either need a fan and some fake snow or a piston servo and some fake snow. As far as the housing goes, I was hoping i could maybe 3d print something, but im not sure how that will work out. As a backup plan, I have some experience building enclosures for things so I could use some material that is easy to work with to throw something together.

I was a bit reluctant about the decision to switch back, but I think this will be pretty cool, especially if I could 3d print a housing.

Progress Update for Week 7

So at the beginning of this week I had decided on a Snow alarm, but I kinda wanted to do something a little more. The snow alarm would be a cool little trinket but it would be more of a day to day useful object than an art piece. I had been having alot of trouble thinking of an idea that really piqued my interest and utilized the wifi powers of my new yun. Finally driving home from work the other day I was listening to KUVO and found myself wondering what song was playing and it got me thinking. What if there was a device that would always listen to what you were playing and run a shazam type analysis and tell you what was playing.
I did a little research and found a service called that is basically an opensource version of shazam. From what I can tell it may be possible to get this working on a yun, but it may be tough. It uses a REST like api but not true REST so Id have to put alot of work into that. This idea seems like a big challenge, but the finished product would be alot cooler to me in the end

Progress update as of Week 6

So this update is coming a bit late, mostly because I didn’t have much to report at this point. I had received my yun but i hadn’t really gotten anywhere in terms of project ideas. I was sick for the class where we all used our ten ideas to narrow things down to one or two so I was pretty uncertain about the direction I would take. Coming into week 8 though I was able to come up with ten project idea which at least gave me a place to start. I wasn’t thrilled with any of them, but there were a couple that I could see being pretty fun. By the end of the class on Tuesday of week 8 I had settled tentatively on my idea of an alarm for powder alerts. Ill pick up on that idea in the next update.

Ten Ideas for Project 2

1. longboard data logger gps+ accelerometer
2. remote controlled buzzer attached to apple remote
3. automatic room control system light switches fan control and humidifier control with temp and humidity sensors
4. bedside email reader LCD touch screen
5. automated coffee maker temp sensors+servos
6. twitter reading robot
7. webcam robot
8. in shower reddit client
9. beer fridge cam pressure sensor+ camera
10. Snow Alarm

progress update for week 5

After searching for some way to make my political funding data more current to no avail I decided to scrap everything and start anew.  I looked through probably every single choreo in the library before settling on the yelp business with deals choreo.  It returned a list of business who were having sales at the time.  I decided to pair this with the unfolding maps and cp5 libraries in order to create an interactive deal searching app.  I parsed out some data about the businesses including the yelp rating before and after prices for their sales and a distance from a center point.  Using this data I created my own rating which took all of the info and combined it.  The higher the value the more worth it it was to make the trip.  I represented this rating as the shade of the marker over the object.  I will post screen shots of the final product ASAP